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School uniform

School Uniform


At Whitchurch Combined School we are proud of our uniform.



  • Grey trousers (short or long)
  • White shirt
  • School tie    
  • Grey skirt or pinafore dress  
  • Bottle green pullover or cardigan with school name
  • Black shoes (not trainers or boots). Due to health and safety concerns sandals should not be worn.
  • White socks/grey socks (black or grey tights in winter).
  • Green PE Shorts, White PE Shirt with school name


A green standard checked dress, not striped - available from most department stores may be worn in summer. This should be a dress not a skirt and top.


Reception Class:


The children in our reception class may wear a white polo shirt instead of a shirt and tie. This is more practical for their curriculum activities. Other uniform clothing applies.




For indoor P.E., all children require a white school t-shirt, plain dark green shorts, white socks and inexpensive trainers or plimsolls.

Children are advised to wear an addi­tional bottle green sweat-shirt and black tracksuit for outdoor games in cold weather. Black tracksuits for children in Years 5 and 6 should be worn.  Older children using the field for games in winter will need an additional 'muddy' change of kit.

A sun-hat is recommended for outdoor activities in summer. This can also be ordered through the office. 

We request that all items of clothing are clearly named.




Children should not wear any jewellery except for simple watches and the smallest possible studded earrings for those with pierced ears - one pair only.  County regulations insist that all items of jewellery are removed for P.E. lessons. If ears have been recently pierced they should be covered with tape. Neither make-up nor nail varnish should be worn.




Hair should be tied back if longer than chin level using a black or green band, ribbon or slide. Braids are not permitted. Boys’ hair should be of a reasonable length and tied back if long.  Hair gel is not permitted.


The following items are available from school at very reasonable prices:


  • Bottle green pullovers and cardigans embroidered with the school name;
  • Green & white school ties;
  • White P.E. t-shirts bearing the school logo;
  • Green P.E. shorts;
  • P.E. kit bags (and also reading book bags) bearing the school logo.
  • Sun hats
  • Rucksacks from year 3. Please note - We do not have the space to store large bags in the EYFS and KS1 areas.


Additional guidelines are available on request detailing the amendments to the policy which are allowed on religious grounds. A request for any amendment must be made in writing to the School Governing Body prior to being adopted. The decision of the Governing Body will be final.