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Whitchurch Combined School

Growing Today, Ready for Tomorrow

Whitchurch Combined School

Growing Today, Ready for Tomorrow


Dear parents,


 In Literacy this week we have been writing and looking at stories that grab our attention and make us want to keep reading.

Please find attached two different pieces of descriptive writing. Could you ask your child to choose one of the descriptions and get them to write at the top of the page what strategies and techniques we covered in class to engage the reader's interest IN GENERAL? For example: the use of figurative language create mental images and draw readers into the story; the use of powerful verbs and interesting adjectives and adverbs, sentence structure; the use of sensory detail (5 senses), etc.

Then at the end of the sheet please ask them to write two features/techniques (with examples) that they particularly liked and one aspect that they would suggest improving using 2 stars and a wish.

I have also included an OPTIONAL game for developing descriptive sentences (see instructions).


Words beginning with a /shuhn/ sound spelt with 'ssion' (if root word ends in 'ss' or 'mit').



expression, discussion, confession, permission, admission, transmission,  possession, profession, depression, impression.



discussion, permission, possession, profession, half, only, suddenly, used.


Times tables focus this week: 9 x tables



Whitchurch Combined School Values

Be Kind
  • No matter how tough your day has been for you: always be kind - Emily, Year 5.
Be Respectful
  • Accept people's ideas or games you might play on the play ground - Edward H, Year 5.
Be Proud
  • Being proud to me is doing your best work and looking for ways to improve - Freddie, Year 5.
Be Resilient
  • You don’t give up! You keep trying your best until it gets easier! - Henny, Year 5.
Be Curious
  • Being Curious to me is asking questions, being interested and wanting to try new things - Edward W, Year 5