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Whitchurch Combined School

Growing Today, Ready for Tomorrow

Whitchurch Combined School

Growing Today, Ready for Tomorrow

A welcome from the Chair of Governors

As the Chair of Governors, I am delighted to invite you to the Governors’ section of the website.


I was elected to the position of Chair in the summer term 2022 having been a governor since March 2020. I moved to Whitchurch in 2016 and whilst my children are long past school-age I am committed to both my role as governor and to the continued success of the school within a village which I am delighted to call home.


We have an active, friendly and highly skilled Governing Body all of whom are volunteers and give freely of their time and expertise. We work with the Headteacher and all the staff at the school, our remit is to take a strategic role in the running of the school, but falls clearly outside operational issues which is the responsibility of the school staff.  We act as a ‘critical friend’ sometimes asking the awkward and challenging questions; we aim also to ensure accountability to the wider school community. We take an active interest in financial monitoring and budget setting alongside developing the school vision and the strategies that that we intend will make Whitchurch Combined School a safe, thriving and happy place for pupils and staff.


You will see on the Who’s Who page that we have governors who have special responsibility for particular aspects of the Governing Board remit, from safeguarding to literacy, from GDPR compliance to health and safety and everything in between. Governors come from a variety of backgrounds and are appointed through various routes. There are parent governors, who are elected by the parents themselves and co-opted governors appointed by the Governing Board itself. With 14 governors, most serving a term of 4 years, you can imagine we are always keen to hear from anyone with an interest in becoming a governor. There is no specific background required, in fact diversity within the board is a positive advantage. A willingness to learn, contribute actively to the role and a commitment to be engaged with the life of the school is what we look for.


If you have any questions or feed-back please do not hesitate to contact the school office.


Best regards,

Helen Armour, Chair of Governors at Whitchurch Combined School

Whitchurch Combined School Values

Be Kind
  • No matter how tough your day has been for you: always be kind - Emily, Year 5.
Be Respectful
  • Accept people's ideas or games you might play on the play ground - Edward H, Year 5.
Be Proud
  • Being proud to me is doing your best work and looking for ways to improve - Freddie, Year 5.
Be Resilient
  • You don’t give up! You keep trying your best until it gets easier! - Henny, Year 5.
Be Curious
  • Being Curious to me is asking questions, being interested and wanting to try new things - Edward W, Year 5