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Whitchurch Combined School

Growing Today, Ready for Tomorrow

Whitchurch Combined School

Growing Today, Ready for Tomorrow

Curriculum Overview

The document below is an overview of the topics we cover. These are linked, where possible, into all areas of learning in the classroom. The units within the overview are regularly reviewed by the staff and children so that our curriculum remains relevant, exciting and engaging. These themes and topics are subject to change.

To supplement and enrich our curriculum we plan and organise relevant and pertinent themed weeks throughout the year:

  • Anti-bullying week
  • SMSC / International week
  • Safety week

Further enrichment is provided through arranging planned visits and welcoming visitors into the school to talk to and work with the children.

Staff are encouraged to be creative in providing rich and relevant opportunities across the curriculum, taking account of the views, opinions and needs of our pupils.

In Key Stage 2, residential visits are arranged to take place in the Summer term:

  • Y6 – Fun Fridays. Post SATs trips include: Harry Potter World; A trip to the theatre and Swimming
  • Y5 – Fairthorne Manor
  • Y3 - Shortenills Activity Centre

The documents below show how we integrate each National Curriculum subject into our themes. Like the overview, these documents are reviewed and modified, where necessary, to ensure the curriculum we deliver meets the needs of all the children. 

We operate a 2 year rolling program across some curriculum areas so that the necessary breadth and depth  can be delivered effectively.

To help with following our curriculum, the school year 2016-2017 is in Cycle A; 2017-2018 will be Cycle B.

Whitchurch Combined School Values

Be Kind
  • No matter how tough your day has been for you: always be kind - Emily, Year 5.
Be Respectful
  • Accept people's ideas or games you might play on the play ground - Edward H, Year 5.
Be Proud
  • Being proud to me is doing your best work and looking for ways to improve - Freddie, Year 5.
Be Resilient
  • You don’t give up! You keep trying your best until it gets easier! - Henny, Year 5.
Be Curious
  • Being Curious to me is asking questions, being interested and wanting to try new things - Edward W, Year 5