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Whitchurch Combined School

Growing Today, Ready for Tomorrow

Whitchurch Combined School

Growing Today, Ready for Tomorrow


Here is this week's Maths challenge. 

We have been learning about turns in Maths. Can you make cards (like the attachment) and play a game with a family member.

  • Decide who is player 1 and player 2. 
  • Cut the cards up and turn them face down.
  • Player 1 pick one card and reads it out loud. 
  • Player 2 has to stand up and then follow that 'turn' direction.
  • If they get it right they win the card - they they don't the card returns to the pack.
  • Then it is the next players turn. 
  • The player with the most cards at the end wins.  


Then why don't you grab and item each and have a go again, but this time try to see who can turn their item the quickest and the most accurate. 


Take photos and send them in to your profile on class dojo. 

Turns activity cards - if you haven't got a printer, don't worry, you can copy the words onto paper and use that.

Whitchurch Combined School Values

Be Kind
  • No matter how tough your day has been for you: always be kind - Emily, Year 5.
Be Respectful
  • Accept people's ideas or games you might play on the play ground - Edward H, Year 5.
Be Proud
  • Being proud to me is doing your best work and looking for ways to improve - Freddie, Year 5.
Be Resilient
  • You don’t give up! You keep trying your best until it gets easier! - Henny, Year 5.
Be Curious
  • Being Curious to me is asking questions, being interested and wanting to try new things - Edward W, Year 5