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Whitchurch Combined School

Growing Today, Ready for Tomorrow

Whitchurch Combined School

Growing Today, Ready for Tomorrow

Thursday and Friday

Book Review


Watch the lesson and then decide on the book that you are going to review. It doesn’t have to be your favourite book, but it should be one that you have enjoyed and would like to share with others.

Write notes about what you would like to say. Like the people we watched you could tell us a bit about the book, explain why you like the book and say a bit about what kind of book it is. Is it funny? Scary? Magical? Exciting? Make what you say lively and interesting. You want to persuade people to read the book.


Think about where you will record your video. It will probably be in your house or garden but think about which room will be the most suitable. Do you want any props?



Practice saying your review out loud several times. Try doing it in front of the mirror so you can see how you look. You could even have a practice recording to check that everything that you are saying makes sense. If possible have a copy of the book but if you don’t have one, then you could make a piece of paper to look like the front cover to hold.


When you are ready, record the review. If you ask an adult to record it straight into the class dojo app then you can send it to me easily. I am planning to take the most persuasive reviews and put them on class dojo over the next few weeks so that you all get some new book recommendations to try. If you would rather that I didn’t put yours up for everyone in the class to see, then just let me know in the comment when you upload it. (No one outside our class will be able to see it either way).


I look forward to your recommendations!

Whitchurch Combined School Values

Be Kind
  • No matter how tough your day has been for you: always be kind - Emily, Year 5.
Be Respectful
  • Accept people's ideas or games you might play on the play ground - Edward H, Year 5.
Be Proud
  • Being proud to me is doing your best work and looking for ways to improve - Freddie, Year 5.
Be Resilient
  • You don’t give up! You keep trying your best until it gets easier! - Henny, Year 5.
Be Curious
  • Being Curious to me is asking questions, being interested and wanting to try new things - Edward W, Year 5