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School Council

We would like to thank the Student Council (2014-2015) for all their wonderful efforts.


We would also like to welcome our new school council members for this academic year (see photo below). 


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Minutes of School Council Meeting



1. To decide on a plan for running the school council desk during wet playtimes.

  • Due to recent wet playtimes, we have not been able to run the school council desk on a Thursday as intended.
  • It looks like this may well be a recurrent problem.
  • Solution decided: the two year groups who are responsible that week, will go around the classes asking instead.


2. To feedback class opinions and thoughts on previous meetings ideas.

  • Zumba club has had a very popular response - in one class, every child wanted to join!
  • Badminton club - need to ask again for more opinions.
  • Shelter - only about one third of pupils were interested. This is not a viable amount to justify looking any further into at this point.
  • It has been fed back that some children would like a girls football club too.


3. To discuss ideas given at the School Council Desk

  • More wet play games
    • Decided we need to ask others whether they would like this and what they would like.
    • We would need a way of making sure they stayed neat and together - didn't get ruined or pieces lost etc.
    • School councillors could be monitors for wet play.
    • Have a wet play bell - where children have fifteen minutes to put away the wet play games.
    • Make sure they are well looked after and cared for.
  • New football kits for football team.
    • Decided to ask Mr Bowskill if there was a need for this.
    • Mr Bowskill said no as new football kits had been purchased only 18 months ago.
  • Suggestion that Years 3 and 4 could possibly get involved with school plays.
    • Would need to ask teachers/Mrs Crook
    • Would be a good use of the new, larger hall.
    • Asked Mr Bowskill.
    • No, it is not possible currently as it takes up too much time and doesn't fit in with the Year 3 and 4 curriculum.
  • Funding for history books
    • Talk to person in charge of humanities - is there a need?
    • Talk to SLT - is there money?
    • Talked to Mr Bowskill
    • Lots of history books already compared to other subject areas.
  • School coats
    • Would represent the school 
    • Already have uniform that represents us as pupils of the school.
    • Votes - no.
    • We don't think people would buy them - not economical and not enough benefits.


4. To choose new school council books:

  • For recording key information from school council meetings.
  • For writing down action points from each meeting.
  • For recording ideas and feedback from their class.
  • Sky to help Miss Huish choose the new books.



  • Ruby and Jasmine to ask Mrs Hunt about the possibility of a zumba club.
  • Sky to help Miss Huish select school council books from a catalogue.
  • Ask classes about whether they would like a girls football team - need numbers who would actually join.
  • Ask classes about whether they would like more wet play games and if so, what. 
  • Year 5 and 2 to man the school council desk this week. 


Next meeting: 7th December 2015 at 12.45pm in the Year 5 classroom. 

Minutes of School Council Meeting



1. To discuss the school council assembly.

  • Mrs Brown agreed to swap assembly dates.
  • Date of assembly now Tuesday 10th November.
  • Discussed what will be on the power-point.
    • What the school council is.
    • How it works.
    • What we aim to do and what we are able to do.
  • Decided on the format of the power-point.
    • 1. Introduce who we are.
    • 2. Explain what we can do.
    • 3. Remind children of Children in Need, that it is £1 donations and it is Friday 13th November
  • What we are and what we can do:
    • Help the school.
    • Improve the environment
    • Develop new ideas
    • Take on projects
    • Feedback to classes
    • Charity events
    • Take in people's ideas (include everyone)
  • How pupils can contact us:
    • School council desk for good ideas.
    • Know who the councillors are and that they can always talk to us.
    • Feedback in class time is an opportunity for children to contact us.
  • What sort of ideas we are looking for:
    • Low price but creative
    • Sensible but will benefit
    • Need to have good reasons behind them
    • Ask others about ideas previously given to us


2. To discuss the reasonable ideas from previous school council meetings:

  • Zumba club:
    • How popular would it be?
    • What day and time would it need to be on?
    • Who will run it?
    • Need to ask Mrs Hunt.
  • Shelter for rain:
    • Could have it at the end of the playground.
    • Might need to wait until after Christmas or the PTA.
    • For when children need fresh air when it is wet.
    • For when children need quiet time outside.



  • Year 6 and Year 3 to man the school council desk this Thursday.
  • Assembly tomorrow - read over lines and be prepared for tomorrow.
  • Ask class about zumba club, a shelter in the playground and badminton club.


Next meeting: 23rd November 2015 at 12.45pm in the Year 5 classroom. 

Minutes of School Council Meeting



1. To nominate a chair person.

  • Sky read her nomination speech.
  • Ruby read her nomination speech.
  • We conducted a blind vote.
  • Sky was nominated chair person of the School Council for 2015-2016.


2. To decide on what we are doing for Children in Need.

  • Ideas given from classes:
    • Teddy day.
    • Bring your pet
    • Dress up as your favourite movie character
    • Bring and buy sale
    • Bake sale
    • Art and craft day
    • Raffle
    • Disco
  • Decided to hold a Pyjama day (by vote) on Friday 13th November.
  • Gave suggestions for how much to ask in donations.
  • Held a vote - at least £1 was decided upon.


3. To think about how to make the school council meetings more effective.

  • School councillors to spend more time preparing for meetings.
  • Two days a week in a given room for planning.
  • Chair person to create agenda with Miss Huish the week before.



  • Year 4 and Year 1 on the School Council Desk this Thursday
  • Jack and Harriet to create assembly PowerPoint
  • Sky to meet Miss Huish to create next meeting agenda.
  • Tell class about plans for Children in Need.


Next meeting: 9th November 2015

Minutes of School Council Meeting



1. To come up with ideas in order to raise money for Children in Need:

  • Mufti-day - themed.
  • Sponsored cross country day.
  • Do a show for parents - parents could give a donation to come and see a Hidden Talents assembly.
  • Toy sale with all profits donated to Children in Need.
  • Pyjama day.
  • Food sale - cakes.
  • Sponsored movie night.
  • Bring a pet to school day.
  • Maths day.


Action: School councillors to share these ideas with their classes and ask for alternative suggestions. Miss Huish to remind send a reminder round to all school councillors.


2. To prepare a School Council assembly:

a) What is our school council?

b) What do we do?

c) What do we want to do?

d) We also want to include information about the upcoming Children in Need event.



  • Harriet and Jack to create a Power-Point for the assembly.
  • Year 2 school councillors to ask Mrs Brown if we can swap an assembly slot with her.


3. To choose a chair person and minute taker.

  • Volunteers for chair - Oliver, Harriet, Ruby, Jasmine, Yash and Sky.
  • Volunteers for minute taker - Violet (nominated).


4. To feedback ideas gathered from the Thursday lunchtime School Council Desk.

  • Class for new people - agreed this wouldn't be fair.
  • Slide in KS1 - discussed that there is already equipment in KS1, there would always be long queues and KS2 already have less equipment that KS1. We took a vote and decided not to pursue this any further.
  • Swings in KS2 - Discussed that too many would cost too much money, there isn't any KS2 equipment so would be a good idea, however they might break easily which would be expensive, there would be arguments and queues and there is nowhere for them to go.
  • Advice for next topic desk:
    • Two children to write, two children to talk to others around the playground.
    • Make sure there is a queue (not disorderly)
    • Ask why they are making the suggestions.
    • Be realistic and give children feedback. 



  • Gather ideas for Children in Need from class.
  • Think of ideas for assembly.
  • Nominees think about why they want to be chair.
  • Year 2 to speak to Mrs Brown.
  • Year 5 and Year 2 to do Topic Desk this week.


Next meeting: 2nd November 2015

Minutes of School Council Meeting



1. 2 school councillors were unable to make the meeting this week. All other councillors were present.

2. Today's aim was to understand the roles of the school council.

The children were given two questions to answer:

  • What is the purpose of a school council? What does it do?
  • What is the role of a school councillor? What can they do?

The councillors were asked to sit in groups of four and use the iPads and poster sheets provided to research the questions and               respond. The councillors gave the following suggestions at the end:

  • improve the school environment;
  • take on projects on behalf of the school;
  • explain why certain things can't happen;
  • represent the children in their class and their ideas/views;
  • feedback in assemblies;
  • listen to all pupils views;
  • make things happen;
  • make decisions for the school;
  • be involved in meetings;
  • take forward class views and share these with the council for discussion;
  • take part in governing body meetings;
  • are a group of fairly elected students by their class members;
  • organise fundraising events;
  • be effective!

3. School councillors were asked to feedback the ideas from their classes about what sports clubs they would like to have. The ideas passed forward were:

  • Badminton club
  • Tennis 
  • Hockey club for different year groups
  • All year round cross country club
  • Golf
  • Multi-sports
  • Trampolining

4. The school council was given their first fundraising task. They were given the following tasks to complete before the next school council meeting:

  • Find out about Children in Need and when it is.
  • Come up with some ideas about how we might fund raise.
  • Come up with some ideas for what we can do as a school.
  • Miss Huish will order the school pack for the next meeting.

5. School councillors were reminded about the school council desk running on Thursdays. The school councillors from Year 6 and Year 3 should be running the desk on Thursday at 12:45pm.


Next meeting: Monday 19th October at 12:45pm in the Year 5 classroom.

Minutes of School Council Meeting



1. We welcomed the new school councillors for the new academic year.

  • Year 1 - George and Shirin
  • Year 2 - Oliver and Ruby
  • Year 3 - Yash and Jasmine
  • Year 4 - Harry and Sky
  • Year 5 - Jack and Harriet
  • Year 6 - Reuben and Violet

2. The school councillor badges were handed out and the dates and times of meetings were shared. Meetings will be held every other Monday lunchtime at 12.45pm in the Year 5 classroom. 

3. Mr Bowskill showed the councillors the school website and school council webpage, explaining what will be going on the webpage. The school council minutes from each meeting will be shared and this is the responsibility of the week's minute taker.

4. School councillors were asked if they knew what they were expected to do as a member of the school council. Councillors suggested that they are responsible for looking after the school, helping to keep it tidy, check that things are working and make sure there are no health and safety risks (for example informing teachers if a fence panel is broken) and most importantly to make sure that everyone in the school is happy.

5. The responsibilities of a school councillor were explained - as children were voted into the position by their class they need to represent the views of their class and ensure that their views are heard and shared in council meetings. 

6. Mr Bowskill explained that the council will be running a Thursday lunchtime drop-in desk in the school playground. This will be for all children to share their ideas, wants and needs with the school council. Each week four children from two different year groups will be responsible for running the desk. 

  • 1st week the Year 6 and Year 3 school councillors will be running the desk
  • 2nd week will be Year 5 and Year 2 
  • 3rd week will be Year 4 and Year 1

7. Miss Huish then shared the first issue for the school council to discuss, take back to their classes and feedback in the next meeting. The school council has been asked if there are any other school sports clubs that children in the school would like to have. The school councillors had lots of suggestions - hockey club for more year groups, badminton, rugby, tag rugby, golf, a younger football club and tennis. We look forward to hearing suggestions from the rest of the school!

8. The school council then took their first official photo for the academic year 2015-2016.


Next meeting: 5th September 2015 in the year 5 classroom at 12.45pm