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Unfortunately Sports Day has had to be cancelled on Monday 17th June - new date will be announced next week.

Whitchurch Combined School

Growing Today, Ready for Tomorrow

Whitchurch Combined School

Growing Today, Ready for Tomorrow

Year 4

Welcome to Year Four.


The adults working with your children this year are Miss Page, Ms Smith and Mrs Sewter.


We are looking forward to having a fantastic year.  Please look here for class updates.

Our topic over the Spring Term is all about Wonderful Whitchurch!


We have been looking at Whitchurch on maps and deciding on the purpose of the village.  As the village is a linear village we discovered that its purpose was commuting.  Lots of people in the village live here to reach Aylesbury train station to commute to London.  In the past we discovered that down the high street there were many shops that no longer exist.  These served the surrounding village and any commuters that passed through the village.  We conducted a survey of members of our family to see who commuted to work, how they commuted and where they live in comparison to their job.  From this information we were able to use our ICT skills to create a bar chart.



TimesTable Rockstars

TimesTable Rockstars 1
Year Four have entered a battle with Year Three on TimesTable Rockstars!  They are determined to beat them!

An expedition around Whitchurch!

As part of our geography topic work the children have been plotting walking routes around Whitchurch using OS Maps.  We then used these routes when we went for a walk around the village, we looked at the gradient of the climb, where we could use public footpaths and the best route to take to avoid crossing the main road too much.  We had the opportunity to look across the downs and observe the changes in Aylesbury and find the new boundaries for the building developments - the children were shocked to see how close to Whitchurch and Hardwick the new boundary of Aylesbury will be!


We are lucky in Year Four to have Ms Smith working with us who is a fountain of knowledge about Whitchurch.  On our walk she was able to give us the historical tour and shared lots of fantastic information - we were all amazed to discover that there had once been a prison in Whitchurch and a monastery leading to the original village name White Church!

Let's go fly a kite!


Still image for this video
As part of our DT work in Year Four we have been creating kites in the style of Danny the Champion of the world. We lashed the dowels together using string, which gave us a great opportunity to practice our knot tying. The children then had to decide the material they thought best to use - some opted for shirt material, others chose plastic and had to decide the best method to attache the material to the kite. Here are the results!
Picture 1

In English we have been reading Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl.  As part of our topic on persuasive writing we wrote adverts trying to sell Danny's caravan.  We spent time looking at various adverts and highlighting the elements that we felt should be used in our adverts.  We then looked at an advert written by Miss Page, it was decided that this advert was not very good and we loved the opportunity to pull apart Miss Page's work and edit and improve it!  

Below are some examples of our final published adverts!

Picture 1
Picture 2
We have been using water colours in Year Four.  Below are some paintings of pheasants we created.
Picture 1

Our topic over the Autumn Term is Rampaging Romans!

This week the children had a Roman day.  We spent the morning discovering the food that Romans ate and how they ate depending on if they were rich or poor!  We then followed recipes to create a variety of authentic roman dishes.  The children were responsible for collecting and weighing their own ingredients for their groups dishes.  The team work the children showed was fantastic and all the dishes turned out to be a success.


We made honey omelette, sweet cheesecake, fried carrots and oat splats!  We joined with Year Three in the afternoon for a Roman feast, safe to say it was a success!

We have been looking at using alternative words that create excitement in our writing.  Sargent Smith visited the class and informed them that ‘said’ was being imprisoned for crimes against English along with his friends happy, sad, good and bad.  The children’s mission was to create a bank of words they could use instead.
We took our English learning outside and took on the rolls of Livia and Tranio from Escape from Pompeii.  The children had to role play the characters in a boat watching as Mount Vesuvius erupted.  This then created fantastic ideas for the children the following day when they were writing dialogue between Tranio and Livia.

In PSHCE we have focused on understanding how words and actions can hurt people even if they seem ok.  We used two apples that represented people.  One apple was sent around the circle and the children had to use unkind words and actions towards it, the other was sent round the circle with loving care and positive words.  Once both apples had gone round we looked at them and they looked exactly the same.  However, when the apples were cut open the apple that had been sent around with love and care was perfect on the inside, the apple that had been sent around with unkind words and actions was bruised and hurt.  The children were able to see how even if someone looks alright our words and actions affect them on the inside.

Roman shield defence formation - the turtle!

Still image for this video
Year Four have researched, designed and created their own versions of Roman shields. The children discovered that Romans displayed representations of things that were important to them. Once our shields were created, we learnt about the defence formation called the turtle. We practised forming this shield to protect us from objects thrown by the enemy - Miss Page and Ms Smith. We had a fantastic afternoon, well done Year Four!

Roman Shields

Whitchurch Combined School Values

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